GHOSTS!‘Of Ghosts’ is the second album from The Agency…, following their highly applauded 2012 debut, ‘For the Brave and Troubled’. The opening track, ‘She’, was single of the month in Crack Magazine and ‘Child So Careless’ also helped win the band a wider audience. ‘Fast’ is about the corruption of good politicians, and tracks such as ‘For the Daughter’ and ‘Border Song’ show the gentler side of The Agency…, with heartfelt tales of political imprisonment and criminal fraternity; great examples of how they have carved out their own unique way of marrying cinematic storytelling with striking musical soundscapes. There are some surprises too, most notably the stripped back ‘Jack and Spade’. A hidden bonus track celebrates the gothic theme running throughout ‘Of Ghosts’ in all its magical glory.  


The Agency... 'For the Brave and Troubled' is the first album from 'the Agency...'. The band includes members of 'My Exit Music' and features a number of guest contributions, including a surprising collaboration with dance music producer Aaron 'Fonzerelli' McClelland. It is an album that marries a powerful range of musical influences with folk storytelling to create an ambitious and musically dramatic piece. Compelling, cleverly twisted llyrics are delivered over rich heavily layered guitar based backdrops. Influences ranging from the Band to the Wizard of Oz, Leonard Cohen, Mogwai, Engleburt Humperdink and Sigur Ros make this an intriguing and spell-binding debut. 'The Agency...' are the most recent collective to record for the Solarbear Records label. Multi-instrumentalists Andy Ludbrook, Scott Wall and Steve Beyer and drummer Jason Blaney are members of 'My Exit Music' and appear on the tracks, as does Garry Cosgrove and singer/songwriter Steven K Driver. Elsewhere guest contributions add vital and thought-provoking components to the ambitious soundscape. Dance Music Producer Aaron 'Fonzerelli' McClelland contributes several samples and has remixed the track 'Wolfman' for a wider audience.

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The debut album from Low Lights Tavern is called "To the Ghosts and the Lonely Sea". This album is the result of a long time in the studio using friendly sounds made from the beautiful soundscapes coming from the guitar of Si Milburn, and lovingly mixed using the warmth of retro analogue technology and the latest digital mastering by Steve Beyer from the production team that brought you My Exit Music's albums "Someday Zero" and "Tiny Lights and Nerves". The atmosphere created is a happy chilled out and confident mood. Once you put this in the car cd player, it will remain there on repeat, and each journey will be a little pleasure...


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The long awaited second album by My Exit Music is called "Tiny Lights and Nerves"

If you want a further exploration of a musical journey through evocative soundscapes of piano and guitar based powerful ambience, then you will be very excited by this collection of songs and instrumentals, linked into a compelling story which even surpasses the highly acclaimed first album.

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My Exit Music released their debut album on Solarbear Records on the 3rd of July 2006 entitled 'Someday Zero'. Buy it here now!

Someday Zero

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My Exit Music - Dust







Linguistic Spermy Dervish have released 2 sampler cds, showcasing the enormous creative output over 2 decades of electronic music production. Buy them here, now.


Out of the Volts cd1


- Out of the Volts cd2


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